Calendar and tickets of the F1 Grand Prix season 2021

Discover the calendar and tickets rates of the F1 Grand Prix season 2021.  Your chance to catch the highly-filled with adrenaline sport live! Formula 1, the fastest sport in the world, guarantees to put you on the edge of your seat with every turn and speedy straight. It doesn’t matter where you view the race from, every single spot in the circuit is a great location to catch the drivers compete against each other.

With a combination of glamour and speed on the world’s most renowned tracks throughout the season, you will be asking for more as the race progresses. This is the opportunity to be part of the F1 community and watch the different races in all the countries around the world. See how each race is made different with the various circuits and atmosphere of each location.

Every F1 experience is unique and we want to give you the freedom to choose your very own personal one. Select from the comfortable Grandstand seats or the luxurious Paddock Club or simply soak in the atmosphere with General Admission tickets!

Apart from various ticket categories, you can also buy Formula 1 packages or even customise a tailor-made package. Our hospitality packages provide a first-class experience as you enjoy all the perks that come with them. From terrace viewing to excellent gastronomy, there are numerous options to ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime at your F1 race.

Grab your tickets now and relish in knowing that you are part of the exclusive group!



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